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Plastic Working

Sheet Metal Bending

Another service in our portfolio is sheet metal bending. We specialize in bending small-size workpieces using modern CNC press brakes. Our extensive machine park paired with invaluable experience of press operators and continuous engineering support allow to fully satisfy our Customers' expectations.

Sheet metal bending is a process used for shaping objects made of sheet metal, or sheet metal itself. It consists in permanent deformation of sheet metal under bending moment, without disrupting cohesion of the workpiece.

We guarantee top quality of bending services.
Our machinery park enables conducting multi-dimensional sheet metal bending operations.

The service is offered under the following technical parameters:

  • pressing capacity: 170t
  • maximum bending edge length: 3.10m

Tube and Section Bending

Bending of tubes is yet another plastic working method on our offer. This bending process consists in processing tubes to achieve desired shapes, even very complex. Similarly to sheet metal bending, tube bending can be conducted as a cold or hot process, and just like sheet metal bending, it consists in tube deformation under the influence of controlled pressing force.

We offer tube bending using primarily a mandrel tube bender. Its modern design enables very easy setting of optimum working parameters, while the precise hydraulic drive ensures the possibility of bending tubes in a wide range of sizes – even with very small radius values..

Tubes made of aluminium and other light metals can also be bent manually, using dedicated bending machines fitted with rollers and bumpers for specific material types.