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TIG/MAG Welding

We specialize in professional welding of structural and alloy carbon steels as well as aluminium. Our Company offers MAG and TIG welding services

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Plastic Working

Our extensive machine park paired with invaluable experience of press operators and continuous engineering support allow to fully satisfy our Customers' expectations.

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Powder Coating

Powder coating, also referred to as powder painting, is currently one of the most popular and most widely applied methods of coating metal elements.

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Laser Cutting

Our laser cutters allow to achieve complex shapes and high-quality of processed edges. They also enable repeatable production.

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We offer milling slots, grooves, planes, curved surfaces and various channel radii, as well as threading, machining of holes, boring and channel cutting.

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Sheet Metal Punching

We offer cutting with punching machines as well as plastic working services. Sheet metal punching is executed using AMADA AE 2510 turret punch press.

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Design Services

We use state-of-the-art CAD software to develop new designs and improve existing solutions.

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    Fludra offers comprehensive metal working services.

    With long-time experience dating back to 1930, nothing is impossible to us. Our service portfolio includes: CNC machining, sheet metal bending, machining, and much more.

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    We apply an integrated management system compliant with ISO standards. Find out more »